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JCDecaux has constantly sought to improve and to diversify its product range, from Static 6-Sheet panel at Bus Shelter and City Information Panel (CIP) to Scrolling 6-Sheet panel and Dynamic screen, we keep moving on for a thriving development in our product feature. 

City Information Panel (CIP)
A 2m2 (6-Sheet) panel displays local city information on one side and advertising on the other. Addition of scrolling units substantially maximise ad space, allowing message reinforcement and extended brand presence.

Dynamic Screen
20 Brand New High Definition LED screens transformed from the most valuable static poster sites for network enhancement.

Bus Shelter
Bus Shelter combines public service with advertising efficiency through 6-sheet advertising panel. Surrounded by an array of retail outlets and frequented by heavy daily commuter traffic, our 6-Sheet panels deliver the highest audience coverage and frequency.

Pillar-shaped light boxes provide unique opportunities for advertisers to create new and non-standard publicity and maximum impact can be obtained for they are positioned in the city centre.

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